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Sea air


Downtempo hip hop chill out music ala Air or Beck's Sea Change album featuring tremolo Rhodes keyboard, old vinyl drum loops and ambience. A freshening head clearing inspirationla walk on the beach




Funky yet slightly sinister bouncey dance track. synth basses, leads and drum loops. The chorus brings uplifting string and electric piano stabs and lines. Like Kraftwerk jamming with earth wind and fire... if only. Would suit thriller, spy,sci-fi or action projects.




Langsame und grüblerische Warnung vor kommenden Schwierigkeiten. Dunkel und geheimnisvoll, bedrohlich und unsicher. Einfache Pianio-Melodien verbinden sich mit Streichern und coolen Drum-Loops.

Neu dabei seit: 06.01.2017

thoughtful, cinematic, emotive, dreamy, slightly melancholic & filmic piece with good forward momentum, containing exotic plucked santoor, string section & drum machine/drum loops. makes you sit back and think deep thoughts-about life, the universe & everything. how small we are in this vast galaxy


inner vision


Moody, cool, calm & spacey piano-lead pop track. Simple piano melodies & chords blend with drum loops and soft synth pads to make a peacefully groovy pop track nice forward momentum. Would suit dramatic/romantic/cinematic type projects


silent light


slow, spacey & beautiful piano-lead track with a nice soft glowing vibe & gentle momentum to it. lush orchestral strings combine with unintrusive drum loops & plucked strings to produce music that would suit a sunrise or an emotional dramatic moment. would suit dramatic/cinematic/romantic type projects

Hot & flirty laid back piano stabs with a throaty bassline and slippery drum loops. Some suggestive, sexy grunts along the way in this playfully tongue in cheek Urban workout. Leads into a classy orchestral phrase making it suitable for reality programming or a TV title sequence.


Just relax


Very thoughtful relaxing track with a hint of sadness but also contempt and enjoyment. Features moody piano, contemporary drum loop, soft evolving soundbed, pads and sound design. Slowly working towards a goal comes to mind.


bouncy optimism


Very Positive upbeat light track giving a sense of joy contempt and enjoyment . Features piano, contemporary slightly shuffled drum loop soft pads and sound design Imagine launching a kite or a balloon and watching it soar in the big blue sky .or getting that second chance you never expected.




A single echo soaked guitar, one drum loop.. one take. Beautifully lamenting, soft, moody piece that goes through four sections with varying degrees of suspense and emotion. Beck meets Satriani.


The chill


Unusual and emotive ambient track. Soft piano trance chords and slow piano melodies introduce lilting chill-out drum loops. The chorus breaks down to a beautiful string section and more piano lines. The track builds slowly as it goes along but always maintains a feeling of perpetual motion and a thought provoking melancholy. Contains piano, strings, drum loops, marimba, synth pads and percussion.

Spacious,cool,groovy,atmospheric,dreamy,haunting,ethereal ambient groove track. Repetitive,hypnotic synth lines combine with phhatt bass & animated grooves to make music suitable for city/urban/thriller/mystery/documentary type projects.




A rather snakey and slinky track. Makes you envisage far off lands, camels, deserts, magic carpet rides, belly dancers etc. A heady brew of zither, bass, drum kit , zither, string section, turkish oboe, drum loops, electric guitars and piano. The mid section has big change in the mysterious mood but then the undeniable groove returns.

8 Gemafreie Musiktitel
18 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1    von 2