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Instrumentaltrack mit Laid Back Feeling. Corporate, Fortschritt, Dynamik. Piano und Synthesizer Sounds mit grooviger Bassline und Bläsern. Ideal für Einsatz als Underscore Track bei Image Videos oder Telefonschleifen


uncle weird


cool, sexy, smokey,laid back, slightly fun & twisted, jazz-tinged track. soundtrack to a big diamond heist.. or the arrival of your estranged & 'unusual' uncle, the black sheep of the family who puts everyone on edge with his bizarre eccentricities. groovy staccato string bass combines with a lazy feel.


Soulful Ballad


Smooth legato synth melodies set to a laid back beat using retro sounds create a soft mix of pop, light funk and disco styles in this ballad. Light bells add a magical touch to this music ideal to use for 'the last dance'.

Laid back clarinet strolls along to soft piano chords with sweet melodies. A simple walking bass and very light drum accompaniment helps make the track glide along with comfortable relaxation. Very warm and tender.


heavens above


Didgeridoo lead groover. Didge combines with dulcimer, strings and a laid back groove to produce an intriguing, hypnotic track with an air of mystery to it. The mid part brings in another colour and dimension through use of spacious and emotional vocals lines.


Warm positive


Ein sehr positiver, strahlender Laid-Back Piano- und Gitarren - Track vermittelt ein Gefühl von Hoffnung, Entspannung, Freude und Genuss. Moderne Drums, sanfte Pads und Sound Design. Die Message ist - du kannst alles erreichen, wenn du an dich glaubst.


My Muddy Buddy


A mid tempo jazz blues perfect for that laid back hound dog out on the porch, featuring piano, flute, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and drums with brushes.

Floating through wide open spaces, rivers and canyons these dreamlike baritone guitar licks are as laid back as a campfire under the stars. Subtle, dreamy washes give this retro style Country & Western a futuristic twist.

10 Gemafreie Musiktitel
101 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1       von 5