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14 tracks found with the tag "Cymbals"

1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
13 tracks, registered with a PRO

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World piece


Heavy and Dynamic Chinese Cymbals and Percussion open up for and carry an Arabian Woman’s Beautiful and Wholehearted Very Dance-Like Song about Spirituality and Love - joined by Orchestral and Ethnic Instruments in Harmonious Concert Raising the song and our spirits To New Heights Ending With Bliss. Very Eclectic and Epic at the Same Time.


The Departure


Numerous bass clarinets provide a very quick and tense backing to this moody track with lots of presence. A lone ride cymbals and piano provide further rhythmical accompaniment. Piano becomes more prominent as the piece gets more urgent.


Shadow Of Dark


A lonely flute cries out against a strange accompaniment of gamelan and cymbals. Quite tense at times, this track conveys a spooky and haunted loneliness whilst having quite an Oriental feel. Spacious and has a free form quality.


Piano Atmos 2


Mysterious piano in a very modern improvised style creates a gloomy, tense atmosphere whilst cymbals puncture the melodies with crashes and rolls. Haunting and uncertain, this short track is great for horror and suspense.

1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
13 tracks, registered with a PRO