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2 tracks, registered with a PRO

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1. House Party 02:07
Added on: 30.11.2022

Swoopey gliding sawtooth synth tones carry you along on this fun tune, with a driving groove of bass and drums that give it an almost middle eastern feel at the beginning. It then becomes much more rock/dance style rhythm-wise, with incredible energy and a fast-moving catchy melody swooping all throughout. This piece makes you want to take some sort of action, irresistibly drawing you in. Harem dancing and dance fever all in one, switching back and forth between the two, with an intense beat and counterpoint melodies going simultaneously.

House Party
2. Money Talks 02:07
Added on: 30.11.2022

Gritty synth and kick drum kicks off this piece, followed by some high, light percussive melody. Kicks up a notch with rhythm guitar and layers of synth and strings. An intense, driving piece that gets down to business immediately, making you want to become part of the game, a player in whatever is going on, even if it’s not entirely being a good guy. This might be used for high-action or fast-moving scenarios, sports, extreme anything.

Money Talks
0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
2 tracks, registered with a PRO