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77 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Very peaceful and harmonic beginning with choir, harp and flute. With emotional and varied soundscapes, this track guides the listener through a fantastic world of another time aera. Woodlands with elves and other mythical creatures sonically appear. Warm, evolving themes, various flutes playing with each other, high sense of well-being.

Epic, dramatic film music, Hollywood style, with big orchestra and choir. The beautiful theme is evolving to a great fantasy adventure and an expedition of foreign worlds. Great fantasy soundtrack.


Heroin high


A somber suspenseful track featuring rhythmic patterns evolving sound bed, sound design leaving you with a sense of worry and anxiety. Feels like expecting something unknown to happen. Imagine time passing by in nervousness or a confused and helpless stupor while a black clouded storm approaches.


Touching The Space


Starts out with terror/nightmare pads/chords to set up the atmosphere. Soon, hybrid/synthetic drums come in for an erotic, supercharged, sinister feeling. Ends up evolving into a sort of new age/ambient electronic piece with a cool under-current groove and Native American Flute calls. Long and unique




A slow, brooding warning of trouble ahead. Has a dark mysterious but ominous and unsettled feeling to to it. Simple piano lines combine with evolving strings & cool drum loops to make you grimace at what might unfold.




A no messing rock and roll track. Straight for the throat. Huge guitars and a massive throbbing beat...all with a slightly unconventional revolving drum feel and eastern style guitar melodies. The tune gets more gradually intense as it goes on. The mid section breaks down to a tribal tom groove until the final chorus section explodes.

A 10 minute ambient evolving sound design track swimming containing many accents to highlight scene changes (for transitions). This is a collection of accents, spooks and hits. Perfects as an underscore to a sci-fi/horror or dramatic picture. Dark suspenseful, mysterious contemporary sound design and a tense vibe.


Ultimate horror


A 10 minute ambient evolving track swimming in dissonant drones accents spooks and hits. Perfect as an underscore to a sci-fi / horror picture. Dark, suspenseful, mysterious track with pulsing shape. Shifting elements, contemporary sound design and a tense vibe.


Trouble is near


A suspenseful track starting of with a high percussive groove ticking sound followed by evolving pads and sounds capes bells and building up becoming more and more disturbing until the danger subsides.


Thursday the 13th


A dark disturbing track with a scratched, disturbed, demented tortured violin playing on to of by evolving pads and soundscapes. Unique pitched elements and contemporary scary sound design that all ends in a big glassy hit.


Steady Business


Motivational track perfect for any corporate or sporting projects. The drive and determination builds and grows at a steady pace with an evolving drum track that pushes the piece towards success. The constant busy bassline adds to the desire to win.

Dark sci-fi / drama / action cue that slowly develops in to a tense nervous run. Features moody low drone strings suspenseful fast percussion and drums,evolving sounds cape, filmic sound design and accents.

6 tracks, not registered with a PRO
77 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1      of 4