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Swim Baby


Corporate, indie rock song about a beach, a girl, a boy, a relationship and love. Acoustic guitars, muted electric guitar, piano, bass, drums and percussion. Good for TV commercial, teen comedy, beach party, movie, sitcom, romantic comedy, swimsuit or suntan promo. .

A warm, soothing ambient track with subtle drums and soft pads. Like floating on clouds or swimming among coral reefs. Heartwarming, comforting, very slow and gentle. Good for advertising, commercials, drama, introspection, love and friendships, and especially the Underscore version is great for relaxation, spa, etc.

A 10 minute ambient evolving sound design track swimming containing many accents to highlight scene changes (for transitions). This is a collection of accents, spooks and hits. Perfects as an underscore to a sci-fi/horror or dramatic picture. Dark suspenseful, mysterious contemporary sound design and a tense vibe.


Ultimate horror


A 10 minute ambient evolving track swimming in dissonant drones accents spooks and hits. Perfect as an underscore to a sci-fi / horror picture. Dark, suspenseful, mysterious track with pulsing shape. Shifting elements, contemporary sound design and a tense vibe.




Imagine swimming the oceans underwater next to a gargantuan blue whale. A very soft spacey and ethereal tune. Chimes and synth pads are meshed with strings to make one great big wobbly marshmallow of a soundscape. Just let it wash over you as you float off into oblivion.




Mixture of western and oriental instruments and musical styles... Really smooth and moody melody full of details with a lovely flow... transports the listener to far away lands, where harmonious sounds swim hand in hand in the current of the melody.


Summer Spirit

Neu dabei seit: 14.09.2016

In summer it goes out to the lake with a feeling of freedom. Grab your swimsuit and don't forget the ukulele. Cool and funky.

5 tracks, not registered with a PRO
13 tracks, registered with a PRO