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Mid-tempo, uplifting and friendly groove. Appealing melody with semi-soft electronic grooves. Bright and sparkly feeling. Good for commercials, visual presentations, corporate and professional use. Optimistic, positive, moderately excited.

Friendly and hopeful pop-rock track. Soft rock, light rock. Instrumental pop with piano, acoustic and electric guitars. Hopeful, melodic, loving. A bright outlook, genuine and wholesome. Friends and family, perhaps green values, environmental friendly. Comforting, optimistic.


Big City Dreamer


Instrumental R&B / Urban pop / Hip-Hop / Chill-out. Mid-tempo electronic drums with lush string sections and light synth melodies. Appealing, slightly dreamy. Positive, comforting, heartening. Mellow but uplifting. Also available without the lead synths.


Minimal Criminal


Harmonischer Minimal Track mit hüpfenden Beats, vordergründigem, tiefem Synth Bass, Synth Violine und vielen percussiven Effekten. Eignet sich hervorragend als Hintergrundmusik für Werbung, Dokumentation, Imagefilm, Technologie und lifestyle.


Holding Firm


An easy going and steady acoustic pop track. Warm and soothing, combining acoustic guitars, drums and piano to create a great backing for many projects. A natural sounding track with a genuine and friendly appeal. Family and friendships, relaxing times with good friends, etc.

A warm and comforting soft-rock, light rock track with acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass and drums. British pop-rock sound. Great for young programming, youth drama, commercials, advertising, sitcom and for general film, TV use. Thoughtful, friendly, emotional and heartwarming. Family, friendships, appreciating the real values in life, etc.


Jumping Jazz


Positver Jazz Track mit abwechselnd ruhigen, entspannten und treibenden Passagen; lustige Musik zum Vertonen von Webspots oder Werbespots, mit akustischen Drums, E-Bass, cleaner E-Guitar, Klavier und weichem Wurlitzer.


Goin' Down


A chilled out and upbeat electronica track with a feel good vibe and a bit of a summery feel. A catchy beat, keys and synths combine to make a warm, friendly sound. Fresh, light, uplifting.

15 Gemafreie Musiktitel
75 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1      von 4