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Starts out with terror/nightmare pads/chords to set up the atmosphere. Soon, hybrid/synthetic drums come in for an erotic, supercharged, sinister feeling. Ends up evolving into a sort of new age/ambient electronic piece with a cool under-current groove and Native American Flute calls. Long and unique


Silent Visitor


Dark ambient track for underscore use in horror, sci-fi or thriller material. Few notes, occasional reverberant metallic percussion, single deep bass note, heavily processed guitar sound in the distance.


Blue Room


Trippy, obscure, psychological soundworld with whisper voices, dissonant chords, and ethereal tones. Sounds like a drifting nightmare. dreamy, other worldy, ethereal, mysterious, surreal & dark. Perfect atmosphere for the right visuals needing scary, hypnotic, trance inducing, spacious music


Nightmare Collage


An eerie and disturbing, surreal soundscape that transitions from a chaotic, distressing sonic bad dream into a feeling of relief and resolution. Good for scenes depicting nightmares, flashbacks, fear, confusion, horror, insanity, paranoia and more.




Electronica fused with orchestral sounds create an intense chaotic buildup of tension in this dark and eerie, surreal soundscape collage. Evokes a distressing and disturbing, suspenseful mood good for scary nightmares, bad dreams, confusion and fear.

6 Gemafreie Musiktitel
28 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1    von 2