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23 tracks found with the tag "Bouncing"

4 tracks, not registered with a PRO
19 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Take Flight


A really energetic and upbeat pop, rock track which combines guitars and synths to make a full sounding and positive feel. Driving drums and bass make for an exciting vibe that is great for high energy projects as well as much more.


Wacky Races


(Main track). Funny and melodic playtime track. Banjo and accordeon team up with keyboards, double-time drums and occasional whistling to create a fast-moving, thigh-slapping, hip-swinging track for kids aged 2-80. Occasional funny and varied melody licks throughout. This track is great for funny karting / racing or for any upbeat and happy playtime material.


Magnetic Field

Added on: 13.03.2017

Light synth sounds bouncing off deeper bass tones and a busy but subtle drum beat allow this industrial track to have a hi-tech, futuristic feel. Piano melodies give a slightly mysterious atmosphere on a piece which could be used for crime and thrillers too.




Shimmering with bouncing electro Synths, cutting beats and that modern R&B synth cross-over sound which is popular currently. Shimmer has a catchy hook for the chorus part and stays with you long after listening. Full of attitude, mystery & confidence. Would work well in club spots or in sports.

4 tracks, not registered with a PRO
19 tracks, registered with a PRO