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Clean Guitar

19 tracks found with the tag "Clean Guitar"

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
16 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Beez Up


Playful, driving and melodic jazz piece with piano, jazz drums, bass and clean guitar. Well-suited as background music for bars and restaurants.


the open road


A mellow, friendly and feelgood soft-rock, pop-rock track. British sound, with electric and clean guitars. Relaxing and easy-going. Good for young programming, youth TV, drama, sitcom, commercials, advertising. Hopeful, heartwarming. Positive and uplifting, but in a relaxed way.


hammer down


High energy, exciting, adrenalised heavy rock track. huge guitars combine with monster beats, dramatic strings & spacey ethereal clean guitars to make a rollercoaster of a ride. would suit action/sports/thriller projects.




Groovy & driving electro guitar track. Begins with spacey, trippy synth sequences overlaid by ethereal clean guitar lead then the chorus brings a pumping beat energized by hefty guitar riffs and searing lead solos. Great music to cruise across the nevada desert by.

Nice slow, peaceful organ-lead track. Simple organ lines cross with pizzicato strings, synth pads and tasteful clean guitar leads to make a very beautiful and relaxing piece. The mid breaks down to washy psychedelic textures before soaring lead guitar bring the track to an intense climax.Would suit, drama or romantic projects.




An uplifting clean guitar figure repeats as other guitars and percussion join in and colour the piece. Slowly guitar layer fits on top of guitar layer giving a feeling of building energy and forward momentum. Guitars, bass and drums.




Slow, emotive guitar piece that develops and intensifies as it goes along it's journey. Wistful piano chords and soft strings lay a foundation as a lone clean guitar plays simple lamenting melodies that gradually build. Reminiscent of Beck,Satriani in parts.


Bright Side


Airy, easy Pop Rock sound with beautiful clean guitars, playful piano, strings and unobtrusive drums. Appears positive and harmonic, but slightly melancholic. Perfect film music. Reminds of a hit by a well known britpop band.

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
16 tracks, registered with a PRO