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Micro Life


Somewhat experimental Ambient, Drum & Bass crossover, with glitchy effects and a minimalistic production style. Underground Urban with a crisp, tech, micro feel. Good for nature & travel, science & technology, discovery and amazement. Strange creatures, perhaps micro organisims or insects, underwater footage, space and space travel. Cutting-edge, wonderment, surprising.

A joyful 'farmers wife' type song composed with the meaning of women doing laundry at the river. The track has a world, ethnic feel with perhaps a sense of Eastern Europe or Israel. Female vocal vocalizing (no actual words) sets in at about 50 seconds. Also available as an instrumental version without the vocals; the Instrumental works well as a Childrens track.




Orchestral piece that has a very tragic air to it. Waves of meloncholy violas and violins that tug on the heartstrings. A beat builds slowly and a simple piano line enters before the chorus swells. Oh stop blubbing and buy's beautiful.


Silver Landscapes


Spherical, floating piece without beat, which expresses width, peace and harmony. Very subtle. Well-suited for wellness, relaxation, yoga, meditation and nature.

Chilled and positive Electronic/Ambient track, which expresses easiness and light-heartedness. Perfekt for business, lifestyle, science, technique and medicine.


Open Your Eyes


Political track against surveillance, police brutallity and political opression. Groovy and somewhat oldschool breakbeats, distorted guitars and cool vocals make this a great track for topics like demonstrations and riots.

18 tracks, not registered with a PRO
27 tracks, registered with a PRO
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