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A slow, brooding warning of trouble ahead. Has a dark mysterious but ominous and unsettled feeling to to it. Simple piano lines combine with evolving strings & cool drum loops to make you grimace at what might unfold.

Bright bells and steel drums ring out through the heat of the day as you relax in the beautiful surroundings. Lay back and unwind as the soft guitar melodies and playful marimba accompaniment carry all your troubles away.


Hyperdrive Stimuli


Very sci-fi oriented electro-rock piece that we had trouble finding the right category for. We would probably call it ´Electronic Space-Rock´, featuring sputtering, arpeggiating analogue synthesizers, space echoes, weird spacey sounds, thumping bass lines and an occasional, rock induced, driving guitar riff. Plenty of spacey effects throughout and at times very melodic.


Trouble is near


A suspenseful track starting of with a high percussive groove ticking sound followed by evolving pads and sounds capes bells and building up becoming more and more disturbing until the danger subsides.


Are You Game


A mid-tempo, raw and aggressive, 90’s alternative-rock track with contrasting parts that dynamically transition from soft to loud. Angst ridden attitude with gritty guitars, bass, synth and edgy drums incased in a rough and ready, un-polished vibe.


Catch My Drift


A raw, angst ridden 90’s instrumental alternative rock track with gritty layered guitars, edgy drum sounds, electric bass and dark synth pads. Mid-tempo, rough and ready, unpolished vibe that is ripe for scenes depicting emotional struggles and conflicts.

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
25 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2