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13 tracks, not registered with a PRO
25 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Sweeps and pads on top along with a seductive woman's voice, then a straight beat is added. Developed over 7 minutes to a treasure trove of sound variations and fills, but remains close to the main subject.


Bidesi Saiyan


A beautiful, traditional Indian love song arranged with a mixture of Indian ethnic instruments and more modern/western elements. Sung by the highly renowned Indian thumri singer Vidya Rao who has been kind enough to work with us on this track. Thumri is a form of Indian singing which originated in the temples where the courtesans of the temples used to sing about lost love. The lyrics in this song can be summarized as a woman singing to a dear friend or lover in a far-away land, singing for him to return to where he belongs. Arranged with tabla, Indian strings and soft pads. There is also an alternative version without the vocals, and yet another version with only the vocals and soft pads, in a more "ambient" setting. Haunting and beautiful.

( blues mambo) grand piano, electric bass, drums, acoustic guitar, electric piano, B-3 organ, trumpets, saxes, trombones, percussion; Your woman is laying down the law on this one, man! Better listen up!


World piece


Heavy and Dynamic Chinese Cymbals and Percussion open up for and carry an Arabian Woman’s Beautiful and Wholehearted Very Dance-Like Song about Spirituality and Love - joined by Orchestral and Ethnic Instruments in Harmonious Concert Raising the song and our spirits To New Heights Ending With Bliss. Very Eclectic and Epic at the Same Time.

A dance/ pop anthem with a rich soulful vocal and relentless, muscly drums & bass. Its powerful vocal is a match for any of today’s chart acts & the pumping bassline make this sound like an infectious daytime radio hit. The song is about a beautiful, strong woman who is in a class of her own. Similar in style to the tracks Roll The Dice, Keep Movin’ On and Step Up.

Classic, doom-laden, blues with attitude, Historical sounding, authentic / genuine blues guitar from a bygone era, Think 'O Brother Where Art Thou'; history / retro, perhaps New Orleans / Southern / probibition era, depression era, or older, Dobro / Blues guitars,


Valentine song


An Indian Woman sings a Very Sweet, Serene and Earnest song about Love with Simple Ethnic Guitar Backing but is Joined By an Epic and Orchestral Instrumentation... with Big Choir and Solemn Male Chanting that Strongly Proclaim the Power and Great Importance of Love. An Ode to the Power of Unselfish Love.

Added on: 28.02.2017

The 5th element on the journey to the stars. Floating woman solo vocals, dynamic bass sequences and hypnotic, spherical synth pads combined with enervating blips in the background invite you to dream. Perfect for animations and visualizations on the subject of space travel, planets, solar systems, space flight, satellite, orbit, and any form of research, science and technology.

13 tracks, not registered with a PRO
25 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2