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1. Bonecrusher 02:21
6. Wraith 03:01
Added on: 30.12.2022

The first half of this track is a mystical, eerie, dark ambient guitar piece with an evil, malevolent presence. For the second half it develops into a very dark, deep, gutsy and powerful metal rock / progressive rock track with a sense of a violent, unstoppable evil. Use for horror and unspeakable terror.

Added on: 30.12.2022

A fast and fiery power rocker with an intensely high energy level. A white knuckle ride. All guns blazing. Pedal to the metal. Also available as an underscore version, without the lead guitars.

Everything Under Control
10. For My Sins 03:38
Added on: 30.12.2022

A raw and powerful hard rock / heavy metal track with a high energy level and an 'in your face' attitude. Gritty, gutsy, fiery and direct.

For My Sins
11. Rev It Up 02:57
Added on: 30.12.2022

A groovy and gutsy power rock track with low tuned guitars, a mid- to up-tempo power groove and a confident strut. Great for power sports, action sports, action adventures and extreme sports.

Rev It Up
12. Southpaw 03:49
Added on: 30.12.2022

A low, gritty, gutsy and powerful heavy rocker. Tough and determined, with a ton of attitude. Also available as an Underscore version, without the lead guitars.

15. Chain Reaction 03:32
19. Golgotha 04:26
Added on: 30.12.2022

After an acoustic intro, this track soon builds into a take-no-prisoners, up-front and gutsy, hard hitting rock track. Uptempo and crunchy, with a wild streak. Action / Extreme Sports / Combat / Fight / Wild / Untamed.

20. Grenade 03:33
Added on: 30.12.2022

A groovy, gritty, gutsy and glorious rock track, with elements of heavy metal, progressive rock, blues rock and classic rock. 'Big cojones' style guitar riffing, with lots of attitude.

21. Headlock 03:31
Added on: 30.12.2022

A serious slugger of a deep, groovy, gutsy rock track. With downtuned guitar and a slow-ish bluesy rhythm, this is a no-holding-back rocker. Wild, untamed, with a very macho sound.

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
27 tracks, registered with a PRO
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