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A documentary film (documentaries) is a motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality nonfictionally. They have often lower budgets. So they are very attractive to film companies. Modern documetaries are Fahrenheit 9/11, Super Size Me, Food, Inc., Earth. Modern digital video cameras have aided documentary makers. Also droped equipment prices.

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A soundtrack that builds from deep anticipation into filtered drums, scattered instrumentation and an uneasy, thrilling sensation of discovery. Top & tailed with twisted, eerie strings giving a climactic feeling of  fear & forbodding. similar in style to US & Scandanavian TV crime drama scores or science & technology documentaries.


My Sweetie Pie


Old-time jazz / Retro jazz with a ragtime / Dixieland feel, Period 1900-1950, Good for spoofs, retro productions, silent film, slapstick comedy, historical documentaries and more, Banjo, piano, tuba, trumpet, drums and upright bass,

A beautiful and melodic China / Tibetan / Malaysian / Far Eastern Orient instrumental track. Romantic, pretty and evocative, featuring Java gong, Chinese temple flute and various other oriental instruments. Suitable for travel programs, documentaries as well as romance and idyllic imagery etc.




A melancholic, melodic piano line meets modern hip-hop/r'n'b beats, floating guitars and spherical pads. Sounds dreamy and timeless. Perfect for documentaries, holiday, relaxation and water.

50 tracks, not registered with a PRO
16 tracks, registered with a PRO
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