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To Love

19 tracks found with the tag "To Love"

8 tracks, not registered with a PRO
11 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Sea suite


Whale-like Very Emotional Calls open a Heartfelt Violinand Chorus-driven Hymn to Love, Nature or God with Boy Singers leading the way who continue to sing despite Obstacles in the form of Glissando Strings and Brass, Cymbal and Percussion effects... deep Ominous Lurking Bass.


Rainbow Song


Solemn Church Choir Lead-in to a Heartfelt Poetic and Ambient World Hymn... to Love, Nature or God sung by Beautiful Chinese and Ethnic Voices accompanied by the Erhu, the two-stringed Chinese Violin... Mixed with Harp and Percussion from the Classical Symphonic Orchestra creating a Very Sincere and Solemn Mood.


Real Emotions


Pure Fender Rhodes piano plays a hymn to love, but in the manner of children songs. For musicboxes and ringtones.


Christmas national


An upbeat comical semi - sad composition. Think of walking on a cold Christmas day or evening, enviously watching others on the street rejoice at the festivities and you have nowhere to go and no one to love with hunger reminding you of the fact that you're a penniless weirdo.

8 tracks, not registered with a PRO
11 tracks, registered with a PRO