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Flamenco 1/5

Nobody knows for certain where the term for the music genre flamenco comes from. In relation to the type of bird flamingo, it means “flaming”, namely colored, although it can also mean Flemish, and therefore allude to the region of Flanders (nowadays Belgium). The courtiers of Karl V (Carlos I of Spain) came mainly from Flanders and were known for their colorful garments in an exaggerated courtly representation. Regarding performance: A flamenco concert is more formal. A traditional concert only has one singer and one guitar, whereas a dance concert usually includes two or three guitars, as well as one/several interpreters, and one or more dancers. The so called New Flamenco (Flamenco Nuevo) from Camarón de la Isla and others includes: flutes, saxophone, piano, keyboards, bass guitars and/or E-guitars. When referring to its execution, the theatrical presentation of flamenco music is comparable to a ballet performance. One recognizes typical Flamenco styles (Palos) by the rhythmical patterns and chord progressions. There are about 50 different patterns, even though only about a dozen of these palos are played regularly. A typical chord progression is the Andalusian Cadenza: A-G-F-E. Further information is also available under Wikipedia: Flamenco Music (Engl.).


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68 tracks, registered with a PRO

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A solo guitar piece with hugely Hispanic and Latin overtones. This habanera, (or dance of Havana), has a wonderful swaying theme which transports you to exotic places and bars. Great for travel sequences.

10. Summer Daze 02:50

A mid-tempo, easy going, breezy chill-out track with a slightly spanish, latin feel. Excellent as background music for any media. Blues inspired guitar solo at about 1:30. There is also an alternative version with more, busier guitar melodies throughout.

18. Flamenco Tradition 02:13

Authentic, traditional Flamenco music with Spanish acoustic guitar, cajon and percussion (Palmas). Melancholic but passionate and slightly dramatic song – very unique music, perfect for movies, documentary or topics about Spain in general.

42 tracks, not registered with a PRO
68 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1       of 5

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