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20 tracks found with the tag "Enjoyment"

5 tracks, not registered with a PRO
15 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Warm positive


Very positive laid back sparkling piano / guitar track giving a sense of hope, relaxation, joy contempt and enjoyment. Contemporary drums, soft pads and sound design. This track says, "You can achieve anything if you believe."




Aligot are French mashed potatos that are filled with cheeses and are very elastic and enjoyable to eat, as well as being very tasty. This tune is the perfect soundtrack for that enjoyment. Features lead violin, muted trombone, oboe and piano.




A tasteful mix between smooth, summerly chillout grooves and R&B Funk. From the breezy and mellow feel of the verse part, the chorus part picks up the groove and introduces a funk guitar. Good for holiday, travel, summer time and enjoyment.

Very positive laid back light track giving a sense of relaxation joy contempt and enjoyment. Features moody trumpet, contemporary drum loop, soft pads and sound design. A relaxing full body massage in a spa comes to mind.

A mid paced positive boss nova about enjoyment of life, you might hear this on hold, in an elevator music or at a high class cocktail while sipping on a dry martini. This instrumental features Latin drums / percussion, piano, distant vibraphone, trumpet licks and guitar.


Just relax


Very thoughtful relaxing track with a hint of sadness but also contempt and enjoyment. Features moody piano, contemporary drum loop, soft evolving soundbed, pads and sound design. Slowly working towards a goal comes to mind.


bouncy optimism


Very Positive upbeat light track giving a sense of joy contempt and enjoyment . Features piano, contemporary slightly shuffled drum loop soft pads and sound design Imagine launching a kite or a balloon and watching it soar in the big blue sky .or getting that second chance you never expected.


Corporate Waltz

Added on: 30.03.2017

Information without stress. Positive, friendly, reserved Pop Underscore with strings, piano, flutes and drums with slightly melancholic mood. Perfectly suited as subtle underlay for product and image films.

5 tracks, not registered with a PRO
15 tracks, registered with a PRO