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Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are prose texts that tell of wondrous events. Fairy tales are an important and very old text genre in oral tradition (orality) and appear in all cultural circles. In contrast to the orally transmitted and anonymous folk tale, there is the art fairy tale, the author of which is known.

In contrast to sagas and legends, fairy tales are fictitious and their action is neither fixed in time nor in place. However, the demarcation between mythological legend and fairy tale is blurred, both genres are closely related. A well-known example of this is the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, which is regarded by Friedrich Panzer as a fairy-tale 'defused' version of the Brünnhilden saga from the Nibelungen saga. One can regard the Waberlohe as trivialized to the rose hedge and the Norns as trivialized to fairies.

Characteristic of fairy tales is, among other things, the appearance of fantastic elements in the form of animals that speak and act like humans, of sorceries with the help of witches or magicians, of giants and dwarves, ghosts and mythical creatures (unicorn, dragon, etc.); at the same time, many fairy tales have socio-realistic or socio-utopian traits and say a lot about the social conditions, e.g. about rule and bondage, poverty and hunger, or even family structures at the time of their creation, transformation or written fixation. After the written fixation of the folktales, a media diversification began (pictures, illustrations, translations, re-narrations, parodies, dramatizations, film adaptations, sound recordings etc. etc.), which now replaced the oral transmission. In this respect, the 'rescue' of the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, for example, is welcome on the one hand, but on the other hand it also puts an abrupt end to the oral transmission of a mono-medial type of text.

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