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Eine positiver, treibender Hard Rock Track. Punchy Metall-Riffs, Uptempo-Schlagzeug, gelegentlich schnell mit verzerrten Synthesizer-Arpeggios. Sehr erhebend und anregend, geeignet für Extrem-Sport, Hardcore-Rennen, schnelles und unterhaltsames Filmmaterial, Stunts und vieles mehr.

Dominator (Underscore Version)

A pensive, foreboding opening builds up to an all-out rock track from about 50 seconds. Retro, Classic hard rock sound, similar to Led Zeppelin etc. Good for sports, extreme sports, action, commercials, motorsports, racing, trailers, sport footage montages, etc. Something different and retro in a very cool way. Check out the Underscore version too, for a different perspective.

Look Around (Underscore version) - Gemafreie Musik
3. Dubious Outcome 00:34

A dark, intense and powerful cinematic soundtrack with contrasting parts that transition from loud and bombastic to ominous and foreboding. With dynamic orchestration and an up-tempo aggressive feel. Good for suspenseful scenes depicting looming danger.

Dubious Outcome

A solid and determined rock track with a certain amount of grit but without straying into heavy metal. Mid-tempo rock with a rough edge, great for use with sports, high-tech, exciting footage and technology web sites, maybe powerful machinery or vehicles etc.

Glory or Nothing (Underscore version)
13. Free Spirit 02:16

Ein aufmunternder und positiv stimmender Gitarren Rocktrack mit einem ansteckenden Gitarrenriff. Ähnlich in Stimmung und Still wie die Intros zur Daily Show mit Jon Stewart oder dem Colbert Report mit Stephen Colbert. Auch für Extremsport, Rennen, Abfahrten, verrückte Stunts und vieles mehr geeignet. Einfach nur ein erfrischender, freudemachender Rocktrack.

Free Spirit
15. Chain Of Command 03:09

Powerful, primitive, focussed, intense, determined, brutally heavy rock track with an industrial feel. Epic, glorious, passionate, dynamic, dirty & dangerous, with some arabian flavours. Crushingly suited to action / extreme sports / combat / military type projects.

Chain Of Command
19. Roaring 02:03

Ein Hardrock Song mit einem kraftvollen Punch. Sich gt fühlen, aufmunternd und positiv. Geht immer nach vorne und ist bestens geeignet für Action-Footage, Extremsport und Autorennen, großartige Schnitte im Fußball, Zerstörung und Chaos, etc.

21. Man vs Mountain 02:16

An intense, fiery hard rock track with blazing guitar chops and downtempo but powerful drums. Layers of electric guitars provide a thick texture of aggressive and funky rock riffing. Great for action, racing, extreme sports, high impact footage.

Man vs Mountain
22. amped 03:07

Intense, dramatic, suspense-soaked, high energy, electro-rocker that mixes synth sequences with big guitars & monster, driven beats. exciting, passionate, dynamic & tension-filled. has a triumphant vibe of glorious victory and beating the odds. Would suit action,extreme sports,thriller type projects

24. cyclone 03:38

fast-paced, gritty, intense, epic, glorious, adrenaline-fuelled rockfest. punk-metal riffs are thrashed out over a powerfully driven, dynamic & insistent backbeat with melodic leads over the top. a total white-knuckle ride. would suit extreme sports/thriller/action projects.

25. ballistic 03:30

fast, heavy, high adrenaline, straight for the jugular, metal bruiser. great energy, motivation & relentless momentum. would suit extreme sports,action,thriller,documentary projects.. or for that full-on weights work-out in the gym

46 Gemafreie Musiktitel
200 (GEMA-Repertoire)
1 von 10