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23 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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The Departure


Numerous bass clarinets provide a very quick and tense backing to this moody track with lots of presence. A lone ride cymbals and piano provide further rhythmical accompaniment. Piano becomes more prominent as the piece gets more urgent.

A modern high-tech feel to this lively track. A prominent drum beat is used as a foundation for airy, twinkling melodies over swirling chords. A more serious tone is set by deep and busy bass notes that dominate every now and then.

Prominent staccato strings and drum beats create a dark side to this hip-hop track. Always a little unsure of itself, it is ideal for any soundtracks requiring an arrogant, unwelcoming feel especially in uncomfortable situations.




This track has a prominent brass theme that inspires unity and calls to battle. Orchestral theme filled with rising strings and huge drum hits. The song builds to a digitally distorted drop with gritty synthesizers and gliding melodies. Good for movie and video game trailers as well as action sports and battle sequences.


Wrong Decision


A modern soundtrack for horror and mystery. Deep, prominent drum and bass rhythms provide the basis for staccato strings and synths that emphasise the beat and dark mysterious nature of the piece.

This cinematic orchestral track suggests scenes involving magical or dramatic settings, It has an expansive feel, and features a prominent melody, It could suit adventure, supernatural, outer space or nature themed productions,

This epic Western orchestral piece, prominently featuring a mariachi trumpet, suggests scenes of adventure or pursuit. The piece would work well in situations involving danger, or as a musical accompaniment for people uniting against a common foe.

This cinematic orchestral track suggests scenes involving magical or dramatic settings, It has an expansive feel, and features a prominent melody, It could suit adventure, supernatural, outer space or nature themed productions,

Shake your feet and dance ! Gute Laune French Electro Disco Dancefloor Feger mit Club Elementen aus den 70er und 80ern, sorgt ordentlich für Vintage Feeling. Streicherpassagen, Funky Basslines, Gitarren sowie klassische 80er EDM Elemente im modernen French House Gewand.


Spanish Knight


A Spanish guitar sound provides a simple riff for a sax to play over and provide sweeping phrases whilst a shaker provides a very limited percussive backdrop to keep this track moving along. A short section of guitar chords and more prominent sax lines provide the piece with an uplifting respite.


Latin Clarinet


Energetic samba headed up by fresh clarinet melodies. Prominent shakers provide a clear percussive rhythmic beat in a track that is positive and confident in it's approach. Certainly one to get you in the carnival mood.




Heavy industrial dance track. Powerful and dramatic, this piece drives forward without effort to constant chord patterns and a prominent rhythm. Bright synths and high piano melodies provide a neat contrast to the work like ambience.

Rhythmical almost to the point of automation, this track is a cross between a phat urban dance theme and heavy industrial backdrop. Prominent bass joins a repetitive percussion refrain whilst lighter chords and melodic phrases provide a welcome contrast.




A noisy percussive sound rings out at the start of this urban track before a prominent rhythm track ushers in a guitar riff that continues to the end of the piece. High, bright sounds mingle with the other guitar and synth melodies.


Unwelcome Gaze


Short and funky, this intense urban track is gritty and self assured. The prominent drums sound like they've been pulled right out of some seventies funk track, whilst a simple chord structure keeps the piece together. Ends with a descending sound effect.


Ignite The Emotion


Prominent melodies from a piano lead to the track opening up with surging strings and pop rhythm accompaniment. Full of passion and emotion, this music has a hint of bittersweet regret yet hope and longing for the future.


Daily Routine


Deep piano bass notes drive a prominent rhythm track forward whilst guitars growl to light and airy high arpeggio phrases. A piano chorus gives way to a more modern synth based section offering hope before returning to the drudgery and gloom.

7 Gemafreie Musiktitel
23 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1    von 2