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Bossa Nova is a musical style of Brazilian origin. It flourishes in the 1950s and becomes popular in the 1960s. Together with samba, bossa nova belongs to the best known musical trends from Brazil. Musically, bossa nova portrays a fusion between samba and jazz. It is more complex and less harmonious than samba, and it gains its rhythmic complexity from jazz. Cool jazz has had an influence on bossa nova. The evolution of the bossa nova is attributed largely to artists Johnny Alf, Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto.

The exact origin of the term“ bossa nova” has not been confirmed. It is assumed that the term “bossa” was used by youth and students in the 50s to describe something as “trendy” or “in style.” “Bossa nova” could therefore mean something such as “new trend.“ One of the first bossa nova songs was Bim Bom by João Gilberto. After he performed in a few guest appearances in the U.S.A., the bossa nova soon spread throughout North America through recordings and adaptations by Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz. Numerous bossa nova recordings by famous jazz musicians followed. One of the best known bossa nova recordings is Girl From Ipanema by Astrud Gilberto and João Gilberto. The title is by now a jazz standard.

The line-up: The classic guitar – fundamentally played with nylon strings – is never absent in the bigger jazz arrangements, and plays the underlying rhythm. The former is usually backed/complemented by percussion instruments. In addition, a drum set is usually played. Typical drum styles were coined by Helcio Milito and Milton Banana. The stylistic bridge between bossa nova and jazz is captured by the piano, which is generally used to carry the melody. Early on the bossa nova was profiled by a lush orchestral accompaniment, and is also considered a predecessor to lounge music. A few additional bits of information on bossa nova: BeginnerGuitarHQ, comprehensive guide on how to play bossa nova on guitar


Bossa Nova music is often used in TV advertising, if a product with the attributes of carelessness or Relaxing awareness is emotionally charged. With an account you can download Bossa Nova royalty-free music for free, but only to introduce the track to a customer or to test it on a project / film. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED! To use our production music, stock music or also completely royalty-free music (not registered with a Performance rights organisation) in a film, tutorial, online spot, commercial spot, ad, videocast, etc. and every public use please purchase a license. In particular, any use which goes beyond the testing is expressly prohibited. For questions please contact us by email to You find hundreds of blog posts on various issues around the topic of music licensing in our blog.


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