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Foo Fighters


13 tracks found with the tag "Foo Fighters"

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3. Adrenaline 03:13

A pure modern rock track. Post Punky Foo Fighters style attitude mixed with strong and melodic Satriani-like lead guitar lines. Just like the title says, it's all about adrenaline and energy. No nonsense, no frills. Just rawwwk! Contains guitars, bass drums. What else do you need?

4. fan the flames 04:54

Very tribal and intense. A rhythmic track that builds and builds. At first it walks toward with evil intent then it grabs you by the jugular and starts to mercilessly squeeze. Like N.I.N. jamming with Foo Fighters. Contains guitars, lots of drums and bass.

fan the flames
5. stonewall 03:34

Fast and furiously intense adrenaline rocker. Walls of guitars go for the throat from the very start. Full of punky Foo Fighters-esque attitude. Run people, you don't have a prayer! Would suit action, extreme,motor sports projects.

6. Outlaw 03:03

No messing rock blaster. A cross between Queens of the Stone Age & Foo Fighters...with just a little Journey and Thin Lizzy thrown in just to see what happens. Plenty of dirty guitar riffs and lead licks. Would suit action/thriller type film or extreme sports/motor racing project.

8. shove it 05:30

Intense & powerfully driving melodic rock track where lead guitar plays the part of the lead vocal a la Satriani. Also reminiscent of Foo Fighters' style post-punk attitude. Would suit action/sports/thriller projects.

shove it
9. molotov 03:17

Adrenaline pumped track, starts with Killing Joke-esque spacey guitar intro then monster bludgeoning riffs pile in. The verse drops down and brings extra tension until the Foo Fighters style chorus blows the heavens wide open. Contains guitars, bass drums and strings.

10. the race 04:32

Fast adrenalised rocker with great power and suspense. Think Foo Fighters meeting Green Day at a Black Sabbath hosted Grand Prix. Riffy, punkyand full of explosive energy and surprises. Contains guitars, bass, strings , organ and drums.

the race
11. rumpus 04:24

Simple, melodic, up-tempo power rocker with loads of lead guitar. The chorus brings in a string section to add to the adrenalised intensity. Hints of Satriani and Foo Fighters. The mid drops to just hi-hats and rimshots and clean picked guitar arpeggios only to slowly build in intensity once more. Contains drums, bass, strings and piles of guitars.

12. Slam 05:04

A truly driven piece of adrenaline rock. Guitars and riffs everywhere backed by monster bass and drums. lead guitar takes the place of vocal melodies, soaring high into the stratosphere until the final lead solo bursts into flames. Foo Fighters meets Satriani.

1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
12 tracks, registered with a PRO