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Foo Fighters


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12 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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2. Bullet Train 03:43

Intense, driven, powerful, relentless rocker in the vein of heavy Foos. Primitive, gritty, dangerous, wild, determined & gutsy. Would suit action / thriller / extreme sports / combat / military type projects.

Bullet Train
4. fan the flames 04:54

Tribal und sehr intensiv. Eine rhythmischer Track, der sich mehr und mehr entwickelt. Zuerst spürt man die bösen Absichten, dann packt das Böse zu und lässt dich nicht mehr aus seinem Würgegriff. Errinnert ein bißchen an Foo Fighters. Mit Gitarre, viel Schlagzeug und Bass.

fan the flames
6. Outlaw 03:03

No messing rock blaster. A cross between Queens of the Stone Age & Foo Fighters...with just a little Journey and Thin Lizzy thrown in just to see what happens. Plenty of dirty guitar riffs and lead licks. Would suit action/thriller type film or extreme sports/motor racing project.

7. Breakneck 01:45

Adrenalized, fast, insistent, driven, urgent, slammin' rocker with great forward momentum & sense of excitement & victory. Raw, forceful, gritty & powerful. Would suit action thriller / extreme sports / motorsport / combat type projects. Foo Fighters jamming with Queens of the Stone Age? Unstoppable...

9. molotov 03:17

Adrenaline pumped track, starts with Killing Joke-esque spacey guitar intro then monster bludgeoning riffs pile in. The verse drops down and brings extra tension until the Foo Fighters style chorus blows the heavens wide open. Contains guitars, bass drums and strings.

10. the race 04:32

Fast adrenalised rocker with great power and suspense. Think Foo Fighters meeting Green Day at a Black Sabbath hosted Grand Prix. Riffy, punkyand full of explosive energy and surprises. Contains guitars, bass, strings , organ and drums.

the race
11. rumpus 04:24

Simple, melodic, up-tempo power rocker with loads of lead guitar. The chorus brings in a string section to add to the adrenalised intensity. Hints of Satriani and Foo Fighters. The mid drops to just hi-hats and rimshots and clean picked guitar arpeggios only to slowly build in intensity once more. Contains drums, bass, strings and piles of guitars.

12. Slam 05:04

A truly driven piece of adrenaline rock. Guitars and riffs everywhere backed by monster bass and drums. lead guitar takes the place of vocal melodies, soaring high into the stratosphere until the final lead solo bursts into flames. Foo Fighters meets Satriani.

1 Gemafreie Musiktitel
12 (GEMA-Repertoire)