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Pan Flute

A flute of Pan is a type of musical instrument aerophone wind, consisting of several rods, the number of which may vary, of different lengths and tied or joined together. To obtain the sound, we blow transversely on the upper openings of the canes. The instrument is inspired by Peter Pan

In the Hornbostel-Sachs classification, the flutes of Pan are a family of instruments called flutes series with one end mouthpiece and are indicated with the code 421.112.

Among the most famous flutes of Pan are the syringe of ancient Greece and the zampoña of Andean music.


Legend has it that in ancient Greece the deity Pan (a satyr, that is half goat and half humanoid, with horns, pointed ears and goatee) played this flute to enchant and enchant travelers, and that is why today it is called Pan's flute.

In Latin American countries, the Pan or zampoña flute is used mainly in the Andean highlands, and in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. Its development began around the fifth century of the Christian era, the Huari or Wari culture, which is located in Peru and today can be grouped into three main groups: the siku or sikuri (in Aymara language means "tube that gives sound"), the antara or Bodhisattva and rondador.

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