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Bouquet Of Roses


This short romantic track has guitars that bend and slide to produce an atmosphere of reflection and contemplation. Warm and tender, it contains minimal accompaniment to allow your thoughts to fill the spaces.


Bright Morning


A calm piano solo which is full of reflective thoughts. A cross between subdued sorrow and a lighter hope, this track always remains tranquil and endearing. Very sentimental with a great deal of love and emotion.


Deepest Regrets


Regretful thoughts come through the lonely gloom in this sad duet for acoustic guitars. Joined later on by a subtle percussive crescendo leading to an additional bass accompaniment, this track is full of melancholy and remorse.

Tender and soft music is produced as piano and vibraphone join in the main melodies backed by guitar, orchestra and a subdued rhythm track. Sweet and delicate, this piece is full of fond thoughts and loving sentiments.

Imagine a fantastic sleigh ride over a snow covered landscape on a cold, crisp Winter's day. As you go across the white fields and the cool air rushes over you, this wonderfully spacious Christmas track will provide you with happy thoughts and childlike emotions.


Too Late Now


Bittersweet orchestral and piano melodies weave a delicate and highly sentimental track. Nostalgia fills the air as your mind is flooded with memories and thoughts of lost opportunities. A slight feeling of uncertainty too.

29 tracks, not registered with a PRO
51 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1      of 4