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Musik von Andy Potterton


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76. Fabricator 02:40

Light arpeggios bubble away and sound effects dance around over a clanging, busy rhythm track. Industrial music with a hard edge suitable for heavy machinery and large scale, bulky movements. A sense that there is still plenty of power left.

82. Tough Trek 00:59

A big booming bass drum and rhythmic chords set the tone for this highly mechanised track. Harp arpeggios and a busy bass add to the whole atmosphere. Almost robotic at times, a calmer yet edgy section offers a lighter refrain without drums.

Dark and sinister, the haunting sounds used in this spooky soundscape are designed to unsettle you. A really nasty atmosphere is created by the drone of the awkward melodies that seem to smother the listener.

85. Unsavoury Location 02:44

At first, this piece offers a harsh and heavy industrial soundscape. Brash and invasive waves of sound disorientate you as the mood and gloom continues. Towards the end, a mellow synth motif emerges to provide a complete change of atmosphere and light at the end of the tunnel.

86. Unwelcome Gaze 00:26

Short and funky, this intense urban track is gritty and self assured. The prominent drums sound like they've been pulled right out of some seventies funk track, whilst a simple chord structure keeps the piece together. Ends with a descending sound effect.

88. Evening Glow 02:55

Muted trumpet phrases, pianos, subdued rhythms and vocal lines all combine to produce an abstract chillout track. Tranquil and warm, this soft piece will put you at ease but does contain some slightly melancholic moments.

This strange mix of children singing haunting phrases to a house style dance track is unnerving and disturbing. Creepy harp melodies and synth arpeggios add to the weird nature of this unique hybrid soundtrack.

91. Blood Brothers 03:11

Short and choppy chords introduce this urban track which due to its fast, bright synth melodies can be used for hi-tech and science purposes too. An automated feel is created by the robotic and repetitive nature of the piece.

92. Bedtime Story 02:33

Deep, phat bass notes set an underworld and creepy element to this sombre and tense track. Lone voices ring out through the darkness to enhance the isolation and fear. Very light percussion provides rhythmic accompaniment whilst sound effects merge from the shadows.

93. Alien Landscape 02:40

An eerie, haunting melody emerges out of the darkness with a sinister intention. Light arpeggios and a subdued rhythm track deepen the suspense as staccato strings punctuate the music with a stabbing sensation. Dark and disturbing.

97. Indian Call Centre 02:27

Fun, strange and slightly bizarre, this industrial dance track features quirky synths and vocal samples dancing over a melodic bass line before a short section featuring an Indian female voice sings to an energetic synth accompaniment.

     4       von 8

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