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This smooth and soft world-fusion track uses the traditional Indian instrument Sarangi, which is a bit like a violin (although it predates the violin in existence). The traditional role of this instrument is to play in unison with the vocalist, but here the Saranghi has come into its own right, mixed with a downtempo electronica beat, tabla, tamborines and soft pads. A silky smooth, exotic and beautiful world ethnic track, highly suitable for travel, journeys, holidays and vacations in exotic and far-away places. Slightly wistful or sorrowful, but also comforting and hopeful.


Friends Forever


Light Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, ein Track mit vielen positiven und einladenden Melodien. Freundliches und ansprechendes Arrangement mit hellen Gitarren, Piano, Streicher. Werte der Familie, Freundschaften, gesunder Spaß, Urlaub usw. Ideal für Fernsehen, Werbung, Film, Immobilien- und Medien-Präsentationen.


Real Estate


Corporate background house-like track for financial, fashion, real estate, flash clips and photo albums. Its ambient, easy-listening, atmospheric and groovy. Also good for commercial or multimedia project.

Combining elements of Pop, R&B, Funk, Soul and House, this is a mid-tempo, positive, groove track, The lack of any really outstanding solo / melody makes it good for background and media use, Uplifting and positive, without being too flowery, Strong, danceable groove, Suitable for city life, fashion & style, modern lifestyle, technology, uptempo lounge, fun in the sun, etc,


Talk It


Kurzer, selbstbewusster und harter Pop-Rock-Jazz-Funk-Track. Brass, großee Bläsersektion, aufgeregend, Großstadt Sound. Geeignet als Auftakt für TV-Show, Game Show, Talk-Show, Wettbewerb, Spiel oder andere Medien.


The Wishing Well


Eine sehr entspannender akustischer Underscore Track mit glatter E-Gitarre und Klavier. Weich und friedlich, zufrieden und entspannt, ein angenehmer Hintergrund für Medien und Film. Easy going, romantisch und ansprechend.


The diamond way


Imagine sitting atop a magically scenic mountain in Tibet or Nepal, watching the native life go wandering by. Soft, dreamy, cinematic, hypnotic, tranquil, peaceful, enchanted track with a distinct Oriental flavour. Would suit travel/documentary/buddhist/ dramatic/geographical film type projects.

145 Gemafreie Musiktitel
462 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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