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Ein langes Stück mit Tablas, die im einzigartigen Fingerstil des Mittleren Ostens gespielt werden. Zusammen mit Sitars, Indischer Reed Flöte und einem arabisch klingendem Drone-Klang. Das Stück entwickelt sich in verschiedenen Stadien von unterschiedlicher Intensität und Thematik.


Angkor Rainy


A trip to the south-east of Asia, in Thailand or Cambodia expecially in Angkor Wat Temple. Praying the Buddha. Monk, religious, chakra, Karma. Mysterious, ethnic, spatial and suspense. A bit hypnotic flute. In this track you go inside to the soul of Asia.


Call For Heroes


A spine-tingling, hair raising, epic movie score or trailer track. Full orchestra, real live vocalist, choir. Also available in a 'rock mix' and in a 'no choir' mix, to give you mixing and editing opportunities.


Sami Joik


The Sami, also known as Lapps, are the indegenous people of Northern Scandinavia. Hailing from northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia (the Kola Peninsula), their lives and appearance have a lot in common with Native Americans. Their music is dominated by the unique and easily recognizable Joik (or Yoik) which again lends similarities to the chanting vocal styles of Native American music. It is often accompanied by a simple hand drum beat.

An exotic and atmospheric Indian track featuring authentic Sarod (similar to Sitar) and Indian flute over the soft, floating chords. Dreamy and slowly swaying rhythms with table, acoustic bass. Indian wood flute joins in the later parts of the track.


Shape Of Death


A disturbing, percussion-only track. Use of feedback and clanking metal reminescent of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack or some of John Cage's work, but with the added element of dark, ethnic percussion. This fairly short track is great for a thriller, chiller, horror or dark mystery.




Eine gewaltige, stampfende Tribal-Drum ist das Herzstück dieses kraftvollen, höllischen Action-Trailers. Live Orchester und Live-Chöre. Massiv, episch, glorifizierend, erschütternd und überwältigend. Geeignet für extreme Action oder Kampfszenen, Fantasy oder Sci-Fi, Sport und mehr.

31 Gemafreie Musiktitel
74 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1       von 5