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All tracks by Bjarne O. Henriksen


282 Tracks

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201. Coming Home 02:57

Mid-tempo, full orchestral Pensive piece with a slightly sad feel to it... reminiscing... reflecting on your life as you return to it - and coming back, literally or mentally, wiser and stronger and with fewer illusions about life and people

203. Genesis 04:04

Mid-Tempo, Jolly and Light-Hearted Drum beat with Genesis-like sound and feel, Poetic Sprinkles of Choir, Flute, Lead Guitar and Synths breaking out into a Beautiful Chorus after being kept in check by an Ominous Double Bass Line Pursuing and Recalling Happy Times.

204. Gate of Changes 01:05

A Big Gong opens a brief, Slow-tempo Modern Orchestral Piece that signals Doom or something big and mighty approaching or about to happen - a little Scary but also Majestic and Powerful with forceful Crescendo Strings and Trumpets joining in a forceful Climatic End

205. Free 03:44

Joyous, Feel-Good, Celebrative Mid-tempo Orchestral piece with Beach Boys-like Choir... Trumpet and Violin Riffs... an Arpeggio-like Baseline supporting an Energetic Steady Drum beat accentuating riffs and transitions with Lush Cymbal Swells all culminating in a round for normal choir and "Beach Boys."

206. Forever 05:02

Magnificent, Sad, Romantic down-tempo String pad is joined by a Heartfelt, very beautiful laid-back, Jazzy muted Trumpet melody leading to a Dreamy Chorus part full of Longing... a lovely female Operatic vocal continues this Tribute to Love... building higher and higher... accompanied by a swinging Ambient Jazzy beat, all together aiming at and reaching a peak before the final affirmation.

207. Fighting Evil 03:32

Grandiose intro, featuring big drums, piano, brass and other orchestral sounds... transforms into more mystical mood, an excellent flow... powerful use of orchestral themes and cinematic stabs to emote a series of complex emotions.

209. Faith 04:05

Mid-tempo, Dramatic, Cinematic and Varied piece for modern Symphony Orchestra, Choir and an almost constant dynamic Ambient Pulsating Drum beat...suitable for all kinds of chases, mysteries, explorations and impending dangers - with solemn spiritual undertones and poetically echoing trumpets.

210. Face On 04:31

Siren song-like Choir leads into a Groovy steady Ambient Drum pad beat... a very Classical and Melodic theme supported by lush Strings and a potent World Flute takes over, driving the song to new heights... this climbing is joined by triumphant Trumpets before it all concludes on a Peaceful resolved note

Mesmerizing... Sexy, cool, symphonic... hauntingly beautiful female vocals with tribal chants accompanied by celestial strings... Funky with an edge of anger sometimes drifting into resignation... rhythmically clapping hands mixed with a calland- response African chorus. Above her voice soars an ephemeral soprano... Deep beneath the vocals a richly-bowed bass lays an ominous track, lending a fearful unease of impending doom... richly layered mix brings in piano, orchestral strings, vibes and church bells.

213. Distant shores 03:19

Lyrical Flutes and Chimes initiate the full orchestral majestic launch of a very important voyage... new adventures full of hope and spirit... a King or Free Spirit venturing out to explore the world and what it's all about - perhaps to discover wealth and true love.

214. Dead or Alive 03:28

Mid-tempo Cinematic orchestral piece with Choir and Crescendo horns and dramatic instruments that combine to create a Mysterious, Mischievous, Wavy feel and mood sprinkled with uncertainty and danger but also a will to Prevail.

215. Connecting 04:51

Mid-tempo Searching Suspense for the entire orchestra and choir...trying to unveil something, looking for answers within mysteries while threatened by doom - but believing in and hoping for salvation...a quest remaining unsolved to the end

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