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Radio Play; Comedy 7/26

Radio Play; Comedy


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109 tracks, not registered with a PRO
527 tracks, registered with a PRO

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An eccentric, haunting melody hook is accompanied by intensional scratchy, swirling sounds that give an extra layer of oddness & charm to this quirky, offbeat tune. Darkly comical and yet strangely uneasy, this has a unique futuristic quality that is equally alluring & LOL funny. In a similar style to Circuits Of Beauty, Carnival Of Magic & The Hands Of Time.

Funny Little Things (Underscore Version)
158. Catch 01:04

Groovy, uplifting background track with a retro 8 bit chip feel. Funny, childish, positive, jumpy. Could fit any video game, flash animation, corporate project, internet application or any other positive project for children and adults.

167. Childrens Play 00:22

Bells play and frolic in a joyful, innocent style as woodblocks tap out a bouncy rhythm. This short children's track would be great as an opening or closing theme for a project, or just for providing some fun, light relief in any soundtrack.

Childrens Play
171. Childrens Calypso 01:26

A simple shaker and triangle provide a percussive backing track as flutes provide a flighty and bright melody whilst a bass clarinet jumps playfully to produce a buoyant and bouncy piece. This track flows along with a happy energy.

Childrens Calypso
109 tracks, not registered with a PRO
527 tracks, registered with a PRO
7 >] of 26