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11 tracks found with the tag "Genesis"

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Melodic electro-rock track with elements of Science Fiction soundtrack work, progressive rock and ambient electronica. Guitar leads, epic pads, analogue synth sequences. Among many other features are a long, floating and building intro, and an guitar solo reminescent of Alan Holdsworth or Alex Lifeson (Rush) midway through. A unique track, hard to describe, but perhaps as a more rock-influenced Tangerine Dream or a more powerful Vangelis? We recommend you listen to the entire full length preview.

Endless Possibilities
2. Genesis 04:04

Mid-Tempo, Jolly and Light-Hearted Drum beat with Genesis-like sound and feel, Poetic Sprinkles of Choir, Flute, Lead Guitar and Synths breaking out into a Beautiful Chorus after being kept in check by an Ominous Double Bass Line Pursuing and Recalling Happy Times.

3. Aura Opener 02:27

The creation of planets, accompanied by heavenly flowing synth and guitar pads. A wonderful timeless pad Intro for the Intro opening sequence. Perfect for pictures of earth, nature, ecology, environment, air and space.

Aura Opener  - Completely Royalty Free Music

This long-ish track goes through various stages and features Cinematic and pastoral elements combined with symphonic rock elements. Reminescent of early Genesis music, it features layers of acoustic guitars, flute, and later more of a rock band sound with synths, mellotrons, guitar solos and orchestral strings. Grand, dreamy. Good for fantasy and cinematic footage. Middle Earth / Elves / Adventures.

The Sisters Of Asper
8. Kyrania 05:11

Soft, melodic, acoustic instrumental fantasy-rock? It's a bit hard to describe this track. It starts softly with piano, strings and acoustic guitars, and later builds to a big sound with soaring guitars and emotional melodies. Slightly retro, inspired by progressive rock groups like Genesis, Yes, Saga, Rush, Barclay James Harvest, etc.

10. The rising son 05:34

Genesis-like Orchestral piece with a Very Solemn Feel to it - Although Very Big, Heavy, Rocking... Speeds Along like a Freight Train helped by Big and Dynamic Drums, Epic Horns and Yearning Strings all working towards an Almost Religious High-Point and a Very Appealing and Soothing Chorus

The rising son
11. Definitive Genesis 02:14

Search for Survivors (SM456) this musical story is filled with bad news, natural and man-made disasters and the heroes who are driven to keep us safe with their heroic actions. The music tracks are menacing, hostile and intense; the heroes are motivated, sincere and proud. Featured instruments include full orchestra, electric guitar, bass, piano, percussion and keyboards.

Definitive Genesis
3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
8 tracks, registered with a PRO