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22 tracks found with the tag "Bond"

4 tracks, not registered with a PRO
18 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Cool, slick and slightly retro styled, the sound is inspired by classic TV detective series and spy films, setting the scene for danger, crime, mystery, police, international agents and beautiful ladies. The horns secure the complete image. And it' funky, too!


Bond Kills Bill


Cool and groovy action soundtrack with rock elements, strings and brass section. Well-suited for chases, clever commissars, mafia scenes, villains and true superheroes.




Emotional & touching theme, piano and strings. Delicate, tender, poignant. True love, family bonds, eternal friendships, or reflection, melancholy. Thoughtful, reflective.

A careful and dangerous spy track with a dark aftertaste. Mission impossible comes to mind as our hero is trying to penetrate the enemy fort and gain access to secret information.




A truly modern take on of rhythms and scales laid down by ancient eastern music. An unusual hybrid of ali baba and james bond. Would suit a dance troupe project or anything that needs a big beat and dramatic structure. Contains some great sounds and hooky eastern melodies that will revolve round your brain for days. Contains synth bass and pads, eastern oboes, string section, santoor and drum machines.

Austin Powers and James Bond collide in this kitch and upbeat authentic sounding 1960's TV titles track featuring a big brassy horn section, guitar, synthesiser, bass and drums.

4 tracks, not registered with a PRO
18 tracks, registered with a PRO