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Combining elements of Pop, R&B, Funk, Soul and House, this is a mid-tempo, positive, groove track, The lack of any really outstanding solo / melody makes it good for background and media use, Uplifting and positive, without being too flowery, Strong, danceable groove, Suitable for city life, fashion & style, modern lifestyle, technology, uptempo lounge, fun in the sun, etc,

Driving and positive power pop song with piano arpeggios, orchestra elements, rock guitars and massive drums. Wellsuited for intense and emotional moments in movies, tv or commercials.

Vocal pop / soul / RnB that has a certain 1960's-1970's sound but really is also very much up to date and could just as well be a radio hit today. Very bouncy and joyful with a super catchy chorus. Think Motown meets today's feelgood pop acts and boy bands. Features a real live brass section! Also available as an Instrumental track.


Music for fantasy


Long XXL-track. The subject can take all the time in the world and does so. Soundscaping related for advertising trailers, for example, a new ski resort in the Alps, the Great Barrier Reef and the like.




A melancholic, melodic piano line meets modern hip-hop/r'n'b beats, floating guitars and spherical pads. Sounds dreamy and timeless. Perfect for documentaries, holiday, relaxation and water.

57 tracks, not registered with a PRO
80 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1        of 6