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All tracks by Markus Holler


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A flute plays an exhilarate melody, accompanied by harp and choir. A playful and dreamy tune in 3/4-measure. This waltz is very exhilarate and harmonic tune emitting peace and tranquility, it's sunny and cheerful.

Very peaceful and harmonic beginning with choir, harp and flute. With emotional and varied soundscapes, this track guides the listener through a fantastic world of another time aera. Woodlands with elves and other mythical creatures sonically appear. Warm, evolving themes, various flutes playing with each other, high sense of well-being.

4. Orks (Loop) 05:02

Heavy percussion and brass dominate this dark orchestral track. A threatening shadow covers the land. Tension and menace, dark ages have begin. This track is loobable and can be perfectly used for nonstop background music.

7. Nebelmärchen 04:25

Flute and harp, slightly melancholic first, like a misty dream sequence. Choir joins in, a bodhran sets the tempo, a gentle femail voice arises from the mists. A very touching piece of music with lots of detail to discover.

An harmonic opening of the track with flute and harp is being taken over by bright and shining brass, playing a heroic theme. After this glorious opening the track falls back to a calm background track, enough space for a narrator to begin with his story...

17. The Great March 04:12

The horn is calling, time for departure. Slowly the exhausted men move on, step by step all the long way. The voice of every single one of them sounds, an enormous choir chants the song of the great march.

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