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78 tracks, registered with a PRO

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51. Run Away 02:51

Modern rock instrumental. Bass, drums, electric guitar, some effects and a lot of energy. Feeling of running, reaching goals and accomplishments. Excellent for any commercial, corporate usage or anything that needs such an edgy rock pop tune as a background music or soundtrack.

56. Fun Level 01:08

Track for a computer, internet flash arcade video game. Reminds 8bit style games but has a more contemporary, full, ambient, electronic sound. Also can be used in any internet, web, flash project, commercial, tv program, film, movie and anything positive.

58. Cowboy Love 01:00

Blues, rock-n-roll piece with acoustic guitars, bass, drums and shaker. Cowboys, horses, wild west.. excellent for any internet, web, flash clip, family album or anything which needs bluesy background, smooth and groovy music.

60. Chill 03:07

Corporate, chill out, easy-going motion track. It's dreamy, flowing, ambient, uplifting, positive and fun. Great for presentation, fashion show, real estate or any product sale commercial or video, flash, internet project or anything that needs soft but groovy background music.

68. Rock 01:03

Corporate, acoustical rock loop. Very positive, optimistic, energetic, edgy. Starts easy with drums cymbal, bass riff and acoustic guitars chords, then progresses to the more rocky, action feel. Could be used for any business purpose, flash project and visual clip.

Medium tempo, heroic soundtrack for a video game level with a "focused" feeling. The arrangement is very clean, sounds great and doesn't distract the player - real background music. Also can be used in a movie, flash project or commercial as it has this vintage 8bit style.

72. Movie 02:26

Corporate track for your presentation. It's very positive, optimistic, motivational with a feeling of success. Played by electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, various percussions and orchestra. Also fits any romantic or comedy film.

74. Menu II 01:14

Video game, start menu track. Orchestral, corporate, motivational, heroic piece. Kinda static but intense, dramatic and energetic at the same time. Great for any internet, web, flash, business project, menu, logo, promo, corporate and motivational usage.

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
78 tracks, registered with a PRO
    3    of 4

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