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12 tracks found with the tag "Mesmerizing"

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12 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Mesmerizing... Sexy, cool, symphonic... hauntingly beautiful female vocals with tribal chants accompanied by celestial strings... Funky with an edge of anger sometimes drifting into resignation... rhythmically clapping hands mixed with a calland- response African chorus. Above her voice soars an ephemeral soprano... Deep beneath the vocals a richly-bowed bass lays an ominous track, lending a fearful unease of impending doom... richly layered mix brings in piano, orchestral strings, vibes and church bells.


1000 Candles


Similar to Steve Reich, Phillip Glass & Steve Roach, this mesmerizing, hypnotic, ambient, surreal piece has interweaving, sequencer driven, analog synth hyper-arpegiating kaleidoscope textures, dark, mysterious pads/chords,drones. Good 4 sci-fi, space, atmospheres. Picture a thousand lit candles.




Begins with a hypnotic synth bass hook and drum hook. As electric piano comes in, it slowly builds and eventually flowers into a lovely mellow pop chorus. Once the beat gets to you, it is mesmerizing. Contains synth, drum units, electric piano, bell chimes and grand piano.

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
12 tracks, registered with a PRO