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226 tracks, not registered with a PRO
127 tracks, registered with a PRO

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An ethereal and swirley track with elements of Ambient and Drum'n Bass. Sparse and minimalistic, with a slightly wistful, reflective tone of mystery and discovery. Suitable for use with commercials, art and installations, projection and presentations of cutting-edge concepts or ideas. Perhaps science, technology, future discoveries and research. Also good for nature & travel, underwater footage, space, sci-fi and more.

127. Daylight Robbery 03:08

A bold and up-front electronica track with a confident feel. The digital synth patterns with electronic percussion gives this track a positive outlook, yet without becoming too brash or overpowering. Great for corporate use, technology related presentations, movement and interaction, and much more. There is also an Underscore version which gives the track a whole new set of possibilities; i.e. weather or business report, latest stock market movements, news ticker, mechanical or technological footage etc.

139. Corporate Waltz XXL 07:07

Provide information in a relaxed manner. Positive, friendly, reserved Pop Underscore with strings, piano, flutes and drums with slightly melancholic mood. Perfectly suited as subtle Talk Over for technical product and image films and medical 3D animations. This is an XXLarge version with louder strings and piano.

Positive-powerful, cutting-edge and trendy Future Bass with catchy synths and vocal chops. The youthful and modern touches are perfect for Instagram stories, fashion, lifestyle, technology, image films, automotive studies and time-lapse photography.

144. Himalaya Hunt 04:00

Slow and relaxed in the beginning, this track picks up intensity more and more, developing into a huge orchestral piece that could play in a hollywood blockbuster – full of action and power. An extraordinary track!

226 tracks, not registered with a PRO
127 tracks, registered with a PRO
       6            of 15

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