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9 tracks, not registered with a PRO
41 tracks, registered with a PRO

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The Truth In You


A bright, hopeful and inspirational pop/rock crossover track with a rich, lush sound and a strong feeling of aspirations, hopes, achievements, dreams and glory. The intensity increases as the track goes on, ever growing, ever reaching higher. Very strong stuff; good for many types of productions, with a feeling of reaching goals, doing your best, striving for success, challenging yourself and ultimately succeeding.

An emotional, almost spiritual track depicting the key moments in life. Love, longing, perhaps dearly held memories. Melancholic, hopeful and poignant. Orchestral arrangement plus piano.

Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring piano and strings. Hope, aspirations, visions. Reminescent of the work of Vangelis.

Heartfelt, ethereal and beautiful... down-tempo anthemlike orchestral piece for large choir, strings, solo trumpet and timpani with religious praise of spiritual love.


World piece


Heavy and Dynamic Chinese Cymbals and Percussion open up for and carry an Arabian Woman’s Beautiful and Wholehearted Very Dance-Like Song about Spirituality and Love - joined by Orchestral and Ethnic Instruments in Harmonious Concert Raising the song and our spirits To New Heights Ending With Bliss. Very Eclectic and Epic at the Same Time.


Miss you


Ethnic steady Drum Beat and Big Church Choir opens for a Very Dynamic and steadily developing Orchestral Jubilant Uplifting Groove that sets us into both physical and spiritual motion lifts us to a Celestial Majestic High Point fades out with Tenderness and Solemnity.

If the soul opens on the journey to the source of inspiration and it crosses with lightning speed fascinating landscapes and mountains. Ideal for nature documentaries and spiritual experiences.


live wire


Intense, monster super-charged modern blues stomper with lots of vintage [and modern] guitar sounds, vocal samples & an undeniably pumping, driving groove. crazy delta/gospel/rock hybrid. irresistably foot-tapping and uplifting. motivate yourself to greatness & get your mojo workin'

9 tracks, not registered with a PRO
41 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2