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A thoroughly modern track in the style of Thomas Newman and the 'House' theme tune, this piano and guitar based track is ideal for a huge range of projects and can act as a feature theme, a motivational corporate track or even as incidental music.

Questioning Attitude

Cool, confident with a hint of arrogance in this funky track. A repetitive flowing bass provides a backdrop for bright melodies that bend glide along to the medium paced groove. Pushes forward with an assured attitude.

King Of The Dancefloor

Perfect for a thriller or crime project, this track starts off with a hint of mystery and suspense before a melody straight out of detective emerges to carry the music along with pace and determination. Upbeat and confident.

Reliable Information

Slightly odd feeling to this track of many parts. At first, chords fade in and out turning over against a light rhythm. More prominent drums join in as though in a practice session and then the piece intensifies to emerge in a loud concept-album psychedelic free rock style before drifting away again.

Strange Progression

Light guitars battle against a complex and changing percussive backing. Seems very chaotic, almost unstable until slap bass joins funky drums to open up the track and bring it into the light. Airy vocal phrases join in the floating melody to produce an uplifting, almost hedonistic end to the music.

The Good Always Triumph

Full of sorrow and melancholy, a piano plays a soulful tune to mellow string backing. Plenty of space allows lots or time and room for contemplation and reflection in this calm track with a bittersweet afterthought.

Where Do We Go From Here

A mix between a mysterious ancient Egyptian soundscape and modern synthesis, this track has a very strange and hypnotic nature. Slow and regal, this piece is full of nostalgia, history and mythical legends.

Ancient Civilisation
9. Catch The Spy 02:28

A mix of horror and thriller, this track has two distinct sections. The verse has a timid, nervous feel enhanced by piano bass notes. The chorus is more lively with piano chords set to a disturbing rhythm. Creepy and secretive.

Catch The Spy
10. Forensics 02:59

Full of criminal intent and sinister thoughts, this track features piano and synths as the main instruments and produces a great soundtrack for crime and thrillers. The intensity builds with guitars and rasping sounds to create a tense masterpiece.

11. Hunt Or Be Hunted 02:48

The beast is coming to get you in this dark and sinister horror track. Strange, complex rhythms have a jumpy edge to them whilst an ominous atmosphere is created by eerie synths and a creepy guitar melody.

Hunt Or Be Hunted
12. Last Breaths 02:13

Sombre and guilty, this track is laden with remorse and sad emotions. Slow and subdued with a very spacious feel, this features modern synth sounds that combine and interact to create a very thoughtful and reflective soundtrack.

Last Breaths
13. Pop And Go 03:52

Lively energetic pop track that introduces itself by way of a percussive sound tapping out a staccato beat before a lively piano refrain joins in with up-tempo drums. Fresh guitar melodies and synth effects create an uplifting experience.

Pop And Go

A fight is brewing in this grungy rock track. A menacing introduction to the piece sets the tense nature and builds as tempers overflow into an aggressive guitar based soundtrack. Dramatic and hard, this has a really forceful atmosphere.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Chillout and relax at the end of the day to melodic electronica. Deep piano bass notes against a lazy contemporary rhythm give a basis for guitars to carry the tune on. Slightly more intense sections, but always on the right side of being laid back.

Coolness Of The Evening
18. Critical Matters 02:43

Containing moments of cool confidence and moments of fast, energetic music, this track would be great if you needed to convey action, suspense or a real thrill. Up-tempo, upbeat and full of energy and drama.

Critical Matters
19. Crossed Lines 03:17

A mellow bass with light airy melodies and soft accompaniment create an almost futuristic soundtrack. Fuzzy guitars provide a more industrial approach in certain sections. Always a feeling of working machines and automation.

Crossed Lines
20. Daily Routine 04:03

Deep piano bass notes drive a prominent rhythm track forward whilst guitars growl to light and airy high arpeggio phrases. A piano chorus gives way to a more modern synth based section offering hope before returning to the drudgery and gloom.

Daily Routine
21. Disco Delights 02:56

An almost voice like vox sound provides the main melody for this uplifting track which also features funky guitars and electric piano motifs. A lighter section featuring sparkling bells provides a respite from the disco beat.

Disco Delights

Fun, funky, loud and proud this self assured disco track has a slightly sleazy feel as a result of a salacious vocal sample proclaiming 'Filthy Dirty Sexy Money'. Bright synth sections dance around to ensure you it's all done in the best possible taste.

Filthy Dirty Sexy Money
23. Fist Fight 05:00

Purposeful and powerful, strong guitar chords and loud drums dominate this heavy metal track. Full of aggression and dramatic tension with lighter piano sections give respite to the force and sheer power of this piece.

Fist Fight

Harmonic bass notes against funky drums that have lots of space for expression back a playful guitar melody. The chorus section has a little more drama with a more legato feel, but the track always has plenty of energy and groove.

Laying Down A Groove
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