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Cool, confident with a hint of arrogance in this funky track. A repetitive flowing bass provides a backdrop for bright melodies that bend glide along to the medium paced groove. Pushes forward with an assured attitude.

A thoroughly modern track in the style of Thomas Newman and the 'House' theme tune, this piano and guitar based track is ideal for a huge range of projects and can act as a feature theme, a motivational corporate track or even as incidental music.

5. Psychic Powers 02:38

Investigating an unsolved crime is the general feeling created by this track perfect for thrillers. A simple piano motif provides a basis for strange bell-like tones and synth effects to produce a slightly eerie and spooky atmosphere.

6. Proving A Point 04:36

Electric pianos introduce a slightly sinister motif that opens out into a track that has a great deal of mystery and tension. Ideal for crime and thrillers, it has a more upbeat section which acts as though a breakthrough has been achieved before returning to the dark uncertainty.

7. Personal Goals 04:36

Inspirational and determined, this corporate track starts with a heartbeat rhythm before driving along at an upbeat and energetic pace. You can sense the struggle you have against all odds as the music lifts and motivates you towards achieving all your goals.

Weird and spooky, this upbeat track contains piano chords searching for a balanced and perfect world. A fast drum track beats out a chase-style rhythm which allows you to use this piece for a variety of mysterious settings.

9. Magnetic Field 02:43

Light synth sounds bouncing off deeper bass tones and a busy but subtle drum beat allow this industrial track to have a hi-tech, futuristic feel. Piano melodies give a slightly mysterious atmosphere on a piece which could be used for crime and thrillers too.

10. Last Breaths 02:13

Sombre and guilty, this track is laden with remorse and sad emotions. Slow and subdued with a very spacious feel, this features modern synth sounds that combine and interact to create a very thoughtful and reflective soundtrack.

22. Hunt Or Be Hunted 02:48

The beast is coming to get you in this dark and sinister horror track. Strange, complex rhythms have a jumpy edge to them whilst an ominous atmosphere is created by eerie synths and a creepy guitar melody.

23. Forensics 02:59

Full of criminal intent and sinister thoughts, this track features piano and synths as the main instruments and produces a great soundtrack for crime and thrillers. The intensity builds with guitars and rasping sounds to create a tense masterpiece.

24. Catch The Spy 02:28

A mix of horror and thriller, this track has two distinct sections. The verse has a timid, nervous feel enhanced by piano bass notes. The chorus is more lively with piano chords set to a disturbing rhythm. Creepy and secretive.

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