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Classical Music 12/46


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680 tracks, not registered with a PRO
466 tracks, registered with a PRO

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276. Let the music play 04:53

Mid-tempo Ambient Drum beat proceeds steadily with Dynamic Energy...a deep discussion about life between Woodwinds and Brass accompanied by Strings, Choir, and Tambourine in a Very Melodic, Melancholy but Also Uplifting Theme - that really starts to is hard but also wonderful: so let the music play.

277. Prayer 02:16

Very Dramatic Orchestral Start filled with Suspense - something is About To Happen or Being Questioned - a build up - and at the Same Time a Hopeful Prayer Recited by Expressive Indian Male Vocals that get the final word.

Big Orchestral Symphonic piece with Aaron Copland-like mood and theme that Steadily Grows into a Huge Cleansing Resolution in the Finale. Something Very Important or Big is happening or about to happen - or to be Celebrated, like a War that’s finally Over - Evil has been Defeated - Justice has Prevailed. Cinematic and Epic.

279. Soulmates (II) 03:43

A Tender Clarinet introduces us to a Very Devout Operalike Male Serenade accompanied by Lush Strings and Trumpet until Answered by an Indian Female with a Joyful and Positive response leading into a Big Orchestral Statement that Joins the two in a profound loving Duet. A very special Love Song

281. Virtual air 02:47

Captivating... Suspenseful intro… beautiful harmonies... picturesque piece for chamber strings... The 20th century mood mixed with beautiful classical phrases is unusual, haunting and emotionally stirring... a lot of interesting interplay between the parts and variety between sections... mysterious undertone.

680 tracks, not registered with a PRO
466 tracks, registered with a PRO
[<             12             >] of 46

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