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Classical Music 11/46


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683 tracks, not registered with a PRO
466 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Very Dramatic Orchestral Start filled with Suspense - something is About To Happen or Being Questioned - a build up - and at the Same Time a Hopeful Prayer Recited by Expressive Indian Male Vocals that get the final word.

Big Orchestral Symphonic piece with Aaron Copland-like mood and theme that Steadily Grows into a Huge Cleansing Resolution in the Finale. Something Very Important or Big is happening or about to happen - or to be Celebrated, like a War that’s finally Over - Evil has been Defeated - Justice has Prevailed. Cinematic and Epic.


Soulmates (II)


A Tender Clarinet introduces us to a Very Devout Operalike Male Serenade accompanied by Lush Strings and Trumpet until Answered by an Indian Female with a Joyful and Positive response leading into a Big Orchestral Statement that Joins the two in a profound loving Duet. A very special Love Song


Virtual air


Captivating... Suspenseful intro… beautiful harmonies... picturesque piece for chamber strings... The 20th century mood mixed with beautiful classical phrases is unusual, haunting and emotionally stirring... a lot of interesting interplay between the parts and variety between sections... mysterious undertone.

683 tracks, not registered with a PRO
466 tracks, registered with a PRO
            11             >] of 46

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