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Classical Music 11/46


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683 tracks, not registered with a PRO
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Sweet and Heartfelt... Beautiful uplifting mid-tempo orchestral Hymn to one of Chinese children's most beloved pets... the Erhu plays the major part in bringing East and West together in joyful ambient and contemporary classical harmony... rises to a majestic climax before it mellows out in a dreamy, happy, sparkling way.


Chinese Heartbeat


Opens with a stormy hurricane-like effect that sets off a serene heart pulse Chinese gong beat and a melancholic Erhu and violin theme carried along by timpani and clarinet to a very soft and fragile peak achieved by a faint Madison Square Garden crowd choir...a crying out for something or someone - or for celebration... with hope and belief inserted and inspired by a confident and courageous flute... all ending in a harmonious concert of new hope and peace


Chinese Sunrise


Strong Intro. Picturesque. Haunting harmonies... Multimoods: sad, then mysterious, then foreboding, then reluctantly triumphant seamlessly flowing... a hearty, modern sound... seems to constantly solidify the mood of a mix between 20th century music and ancient polyphonic church choir styles.


Chinese Twilight


Commences with a beautiful, fragile Erhu note triggering a deep, pensive grand piano...classical orchestra fading in and out accompanying the Erhu in a kind of call-and-response as the Erhu blithely proceeds within its own thoughts along a journey in a clear quest for answers that remain elusive to the end.


Classic Dance


A big Orchestral Cluster Swirl-up draws us into a Groovy symphonic dance drumbeat carrying a strong, happy, almost epic celebratory melody with hints of Beach Boys - something fantastic has finally been achieved - a Tribute to Victory or that Summer and Vacation are finally here again: time for the beach


Coming Home


Mid-tempo, full orchestral Pensive piece with a slightly sad feel to it... reminiscing... reflecting on your life as you return to it - and coming back, literally or mentally, wiser and stronger and with fewer illusions about life and people


Gate of Changes


A Big Gong opens a brief, Slow-tempo Modern Orchestral Piece that signals Doom or something big and mighty approaching or about to happen - a little Scary but also Majestic and Powerful with forceful Crescendo Strings and Trumpets joining in a forceful Climatic End




Grand Opening for full symphonic orchestra leads into a very Sweet and Tender Celesta theme that is joined by Grand Piano and Clarinet building higher and higher as it is joined by Choir, Strings and Percussion growing steadily more heartfelt and tender into a big and Majestic Finale


Leaving this world


Dramatic, orchestral Slow and Threatening lead-in to Col Legno strings and Orchestral and Ambient Percussion...Ride or Chase emphasized by Deep Grand Piano notes, Powerful Trombones, Strong Violin melody and Woodwind Riffs growing steadily to a Majestic Height towards a Dynamic Conclusion.


Let go


Beautiful Harp and Tender Cello join with Tremolo Strings and Choirboy Duet leading into a very Sweet, Sad, Sincere and Heartfelt Melody carried by Strings, Choir and Mellow French Horn to an Echoing Weightless Space of Bliss - in Praise of something Big and Wonderful, important, or Past Memories of something or someone Very Dear to you.


Let the music play


Mid-tempo Ambient Drum beat proceeds steadily with Dynamic Energy...a deep discussion about life between Woodwinds and Brass accompanied by Strings, Choir, and Tambourine in a Very Melodic, Melancholy but Also Uplifting Theme - that really starts to is hard but also wonderful: so let the music play.




Very Dramatic Orchestral Start filled with Suspense - something is About To Happen or Being Questioned - a build up - and at the Same Time a Hopeful Prayer Recited by Expressive Indian Male Vocals that get the final word.

Big Orchestral Symphonic piece with Aaron Copland-like mood and theme that Steadily Grows into a Huge Cleansing Resolution in the Finale. Something Very Important or Big is happening or about to happen - or to be Celebrated, like a War that’s finally Over - Evil has been Defeated - Justice has Prevailed. Cinematic and Epic.


Soulmates (II)


A Tender Clarinet introduces us to a Very Devout Operalike Male Serenade accompanied by Lush Strings and Trumpet until Answered by an Indian Female with a Joyful and Positive response leading into a Big Orchestral Statement that Joins the two in a profound loving Duet. A very special Love Song


Virtual air


Captivating... Suspenseful intro… beautiful harmonies... picturesque piece for chamber strings... The 20th century mood mixed with beautiful classical phrases is unusual, haunting and emotionally stirring... a lot of interesting interplay between the parts and variety between sections... mysterious undertone.

683 tracks, not registered with a PRO
466 tracks, registered with a PRO
            11             >] of 46

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