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98 tracks, not registered with a PRO
335 tracks, registered with a PRO

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401. Urge To Merge 06:13

Battle readying cowboys & Indians music with thick atmosphere ominous pads, heavy, driving tribal rhythm track, distant shamanic vocal chants, Native American Lakota flute calls, & thunderous bass pulses. Good 4 westerns, tribal, travel, dark ethnic themes, nature docs & hot, fire desert scenes.

402. Before Time 06:44

Dark and atmospheric, this work has moody drones/pads, ambient electronic textures, shamanic didgeridoo calls, and a primal, driving drum beat. Perfect for many nature docs, dramatic, tension-mounting, mysterious or tribal scenes.

403. Blue Room 07:48

Trippy, obscure, psychological soundworld with whisper voices, dissonant chords, and ethereal tones. Sounds like a drifting nightmare. dreamy, other worldy, ethereal, mysterious, surreal & dark. Perfect atmosphere for the right visuals needing scary, hypnotic, trance inducing, spacious music

404. 1000 Candles 08:43

Similar to Steve Reich, Phillip Glass & Steve Roach, this mesmerizing, hypnotic, ambient, surreal piece has interweaving, sequencer driven, analog synth hyper-arpegiating kaleidoscope textures, dark, mysterious pads/chords,drones. Good 4 sci-fi, space, atmospheres. Picture a thousand lit candles.

417. Catch My Drift 03:14

A raw, angst ridden 90’s instrumental alternative rock track with gritty layered guitars, edgy drum sounds, electric bass and dark synth pads. Mid-tempo, rough and ready, unpolished vibe that is ripe for scenes depicting emotional struggles and conflicts.

98 tracks, not registered with a PRO
335 tracks, registered with a PRO
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