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Starts with a twisted and distorted synth drone. pounding drums enter and add to the intensity. Chorus part brings monster guitar riffs which bludgeon you into submission.Track gathers in momentum and intensity towards end when searing lead guitar hovers above the maelstrom. Contains guitars, synth, drums and bass.


silent light


slow, spacey & beautiful piano-lead track with a nice soft glowing vibe & gentle momentum to it. lush orchestral strings combine with unintrusive drum loops & plucked strings to produce music that would suit a sunrise or an emotional dramatic moment. would suit dramatic/cinematic/romantic type projects

Neu dabei seit: 19.05.2016

A steady, mid-tempo, electronic styled backing track with a futuristic or progressive feel, highly suited to technology demonstrations or presentations that need a futuristic flare. A unique and pulsing synth rhythm creates a forward momentum and a light synth melody piques interest. Perfect for both underscore and foreground uses.

6 tracks, not registered with a PRO
63 tracks, registered with a PRO
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