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Musik von Roberto Feltracco


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184. Lately 303 05:18

Electrobeat 120 bpm!!,Roland TB-303 for the bass line.Cool and deep strings in background.Melodic pensive electronic track.Exciting, Groovy, Hopeful.Strings,synths and 808- 909 Roland Drum Machine.Action Movie,drama,sci-fi ambient video.

186. Land 06:13

Distorted drums in this psychedelic and abstract ambient track,but also mysterious,Futuristic, Technologic and Scientific.Too much dark,unreal,suspense.Tech/Sci-Fi, Thrillers, fit for hi-tech documentary.

191. Hathor 04:49

Take a trip to the old Egypt, a romantic story near the Sphynx and pyramids made for the Pharaoh. Ambient, new age. Sad, dreamy, reflective, pensive, hopeful. Full Strings orchestra plus electronic touch.

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