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Musik von Roberto Feltracco


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1. Ride my Pinky 02:33

Grease! .. Rock and Roll Rockabilly-Musik, die für jede 50er Jahre Film-oder Comedy-Sitcom passt. Mit Gitarre und Klavier. Glücklich, lebendig, fröhlich ... Happy Days!

Ride my Pinky
9. Angkor Rainy 05:17

A trip to the south-east of Asia, in Thailand or Cambodia expecially in Angkor Wat Temple. Praying the Buddha. Monk, religious, chakra, Karma. Mysterious, ethnic, spatial and suspense. A bit hypnotic flute. In this track you go inside to the soul of Asia.

Angkor Rainy
21. 303 live arena 04:50

Electrobeat with a determined TB 303 as a bass line!!,electronic-hypnotic track.Dynamic, Groovy, Drive guitar+Virus Access + synths SE-1,909 Roland Drum Machine.Action Movie,sport,shi-fi.

303 live arena
25. Another Spring 05:13

FULL Strings pattern for this orchestral track.Fit for Score,film OST,Drama,Military action scene or martal art.But in the middle its change in romantic environment.Timpani,misterious,scientific and Adventure.

Another Spring
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