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62 tracks, not registered with a PRO
254 tracks, registered with a PRO

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128. contemplation 02:10

slow, dreamy, beautiful, ethereal, spacious, thoughtful, soundscape that gets your mind wandering and whirring. simple, soft piano melodies combine with lush, emotive strings & tiny electronic percussion noises to create music suitable for mystery/dramatic/documentary/travel/spy/psych thriller projects.

134. Beauty Of Space 05:56

Abstract animations, blurred structures and close camera movements on objects. Flowing, wam, and cozy pads paired with arpeggiator synths and bells create a spherical mood with harmony, grace and elegance. Perfect as underscore for medicine, research, science, technology, outer space and meditation.

The perfect sound for any commercial (available in 50sec and 30 sec versions) This track is wonderfully light, happy and above all else; catchy. Simple piano stabs, ukulele and chime bars create an upbeat and light tone with a catchy guitar melody played on top. Perfect for advertising!

Mystic pads featuring bells, flute effects and a solo boy choir.Perfect for atmospheric and mysterious Openers and Trailers. Strange riddles and surprises are expecting you...

62 tracks, not registered with a PRO
254 tracks, registered with a PRO
       6           of 14

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