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The Truth In You


A bright, hopeful and inspirational pop/rock crossover track with a rich, lush sound and a strong feeling of aspirations, hopes, achievements, dreams and glory. The intensity increases as the track goes on, ever growing, ever reaching higher. Very strong stuff; good for many types of productions, with a feeling of reaching goals, doing your best, striving for success, challenging yourself and ultimately succeeding.


Chamber Of Doom


A rousing and emotional, grand, epic track featuring orchestra and choir. Majestic, almost heavenly, like the rise of a hero or majesty, with a slightly wistful undertow. Honor, homecoming, crowing of the new king, or the birth of a new, glorious kingdom. Patriotic, honorable. Also available in a 'no choir' mix as well as a 'rock mix' with extra power.

Whimsical...Tender orchestral China-inspired Playful Fantasy bridging West and East led by the two-stringed Chinese violin - the Erhu... proceeds playfully through beautiful and heartfelt images upon a dynamic bed of ambient and orchestral percussion supporting the happy and joyful mood

The very famous AVE MARIA of Schubert is fit for Weddings or other situations you need. In this version the lyrics are in English, not in Latin as the original lyrics. Church, organ, orchestra, voice performance, romantic, glorifying, bride, wife, soulful.

1498 tracks, not registered with a PRO
4408 tracks, registered with a PRO
          9             >] of 237