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13. Highland Raga 03:44

Ungewöhnliche und sehr atmosphärische Mischung aus keltischen und irischen Folk-Einflüssen mit indischen, orientalischen und asiatischen Elementen. Tablas und Sitar kombiniert mit E-Gitarren, indischen Raga-Flöten und keltischen Melodien. Ein wenig eklektisch, verträumt und ätherisch, mit einem Gefühl von weit entfernten Orten, Mythologie, Reisen, Abenteuer und neuen Entdeckungen.

17. Mountain Lake 03:05

Lyrical recorder & cello in a Clannad and Enya tinged piece. The track starts off with a soft Celtic music theme. After about 1 min 15 seconds it changes pace into a jolly forest dance, and then returns to the longing opening theme, before closing with Enya-like voice textures.

A beautiful and melancholic ambient piano track. A simple, nostalgic piano melody played with grace, finely balanced on top of a strange ambient background texture. Excellent for drama, film soundtrack work, or any sincere, thought provoking web site or film footage.

A friendly and positive, melodic pop-rock track featuring acoustic and electric guitars. With its appealing melodies, nice flow and easy-going contemporary production, this track just makes you feel good. Great for commercials, corporate presentations, lifestyle content and so much more.

22. Rain Or Shine 00:37

A short, feelgood country / folk / americana track based on acoustic guitars and with a feeling of nature and the outdoors. Excellent for outdoor, hobby, family, nature and perfect as a weather report or weather update. Soothing, wholesome, appealing, friendly, refreshing and uplifting.

1346 Gemafreie Musiktitel
2688 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1             >] von 162

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