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Anytime we talk about capital, offer, client, gains and losses, chances are that we are talking about a business. Some people might think of its meaning as a company or enterprise, but its meaning is also closely related to trading, pursuing, and producing. In the music industry, it is common to find business related actions when we launch a new record, promote a new artist, provide a service, or enter a new market.


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10. Midnight Train 01:01

A melodic country track with a train-like brush drum rhythm, featuring Dobro top line. Excellent feel-good material, great for daytime TV, fishing, outdoors, hobby, men, motors and leisure. There is also an excellent sounding underscore version which has a wide range of uses as background.

A friendly and positive, melodic pop-rock track featuring acoustic and electric guitars. With its appealing melodies, nice flow and easy-going contemporary production, this track just makes you feel good. Great for commercials, corporate presentations, lifestyle content and so much more.

75 tracks, not registered with a PRO
285 tracks, registered with a PRO
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